pirates, jews, and pirate jews

A Tale as Old as  Torah, Pirates, Time

In 1492, Sephardic Jews were forcibly removed from Spain by the Edict of Expulsion following centuries of persecution and forced conversion. Hoping to escape the reach of the Spanish Inquisition, these Jews moved into the New World, a place governed by lawlessness and piracy. There, they  found stability, success, and religious freedom. 

“ The island of Jamaica, between 1650 and 1800, was an island of economic freedom.

Of social freedom.
Of political freedom.
Of religious freedom.
Of pirate freedom.

And, perhaps, those freedoms are one in the same.”

The author

Zoe Katz is a senior at Agnes Scott College. 

In May 2019, she will graduate with a B.A. in History and a Specialization in Global Learning. She hopes to pursue a M.A. in Public History following graduation.

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